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The Canon 1DseXy is a beautiful beast ;)

I’ve been drooling over this bad boy since the day rumors of a speedy (focus, burst & buffer), full-frame in a 1D body came about. The day when I realized I better work real hard for this hefty body was when photographer and super craftsman Ron Paulk from Anacortes and also the same fella that […]

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The Canon 6D is a nifty little camera!

I enjoy my 6D so far! Not only that it’s files are similiar to my 5D MkIII files, in a smaller and much lighter body for a full-frame camera. It’s actually quite nice to handle something a little lighter when doing long gigs that produces great images…especially in locations where light is very limited. Being […]

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Gull-wing Design Backpack ;)

I haven’t had this bag for a long period of time, but for the time that I’ve lugged it around, I can definitely tell you…It’s absolutely my favorite backpack for hauling precious cargo. It’s built like all high end camera packs out there with just a bit of design differences that fits my needs and […]

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Me…Running? Picture that ;)

It’s a bit of a wet evening today east of Bellingham, WA and my my wife blurts out…”Get ready for our run babe!” “Huh??” I said. Now, I’ve already committed when we went out last week looking for some runners for my wife and I, but it didn’t really set in real well when that […]

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Can’t decide what type of camera bag to own?

Gear is exciting to look at, to wish for and especially to own…for me, the type of ¬†gear I love, is the gear that keeps your ‘gear’ in order, protected, to be inconspicuous with and also be comfortable transporting around with. Yes…Camera Bags!! Photographers with bags are like women with purses. There is never that […]

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