Me…Running? Picture that ;)

It’s a bit of a wet evening today east of Bellingham, WA and my my wife blurts out…”Get ready for our run babe!”

“Huh??” I said.

Now, I’ve already committed when we went out last week looking for some runners for my wife and I, but it didn’t really set in real well when that day came to be TODAY. I felt like I didn’t have that ‘zen’ time with my New Balance Minimus…you know, for NB and I took hangout to get to know one another and to have an understanding of what we expect from each other and how failure may be an option for what we are about to embark as partners of this same path. That ‘Kinship’ :/

Like a soldier prepared for combat…I was on the opposite side of the spectrum. My 8 yr. old North Face running gear was in two hardly ever used spaces on each end of our home, my long sleeve wicking top was nowhere to be found, I couldn’t find our extra iPhone armband anywhere and my earphones didn’t have that convenient triple button feature for my iPhone, because my originals were misplaced. Bad soldier you’d say right? I know my Lieutenant buddy, Robert Dela Rosa of the US Marines would be all up in my face…and then we’d laugh our asses off for me being so unorganized because, I totally lost 20 mins of my life searching for things that honestly should be readily available.

We jumped in the our SUV and headed 3 mins from our house to the Deming Log Show Grounds. I guess we could of jogged it, but hey you all…it’s our first run of the year AND I DON’T run just to run. Run for sports, activities that involves competition or just plain running for your life I can jive on, but just follow a path and hit it…that’s a whole other world ;)

Well, we did one whole lap around the grounds and honestly, our lungs was trying to find another passage way for more oxygen to enter. It was just a jog!! One lap = 1 mile maybe?! After we stretched our poor oxygen deficient muscles, I actually had a bit of energy left to use up so I decided to hit up the stadium with stairs. I did short bursts up stairs to the next set, then jogged a section, then bursted a section again and so on…it was amazing and slippery but, now my lungs is truly aching not very happy with me. I had to push myself and the blaring beats into my ears helped me with that needed push. That interval type of running I like a lot…but I need to learn the pace and breathing technique for those longer runs.

I was a pretty active person though out my life from ice/street hockey, semi-extreme mountain biking, enthusiast BMX freestyle, street style roller bladed over obstruction, jumping docking areas and reverse blade down MANY flights of stairs and hit the floor at hip-hop clubs rippin’ it all night long. Not too many people can picture that, but that was me and I had so much fun doing it.

Presently my form of exercise is getting my girls ready, laundry, dishes, cleaning house and sitting in front of the something that produces images i.e. iPhone, iPad, TV, DSLR and computer. Wooohoo right? Now that most of our kids are older, I feel we have a small window to get our cardio up again and to remind our muscles what they’re made to do. We also invested in our first jogging stroller and hopefully put into use. It’s niceties should help us with the motivation we’ll need to get us out there and with one of our youngest child to soak in earths great wonders…fresh air.

We still need to initiate our jogger stroller and to test its rigidness and capabilities…but the true test is the motivation of becoming active and a healthy way of living. It’s an image of my life that I want to be proud of…and thank you so much wifey for kicking me out of my comfy office chair ;)

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