Gull-wing Design Backpack ;)

Gura Gear Kiboku 22L+I haven’t had this bag for a long period of time, but for the time that I’ve lugged it around, I can definitely tell you…It’s absolutely my favorite backpack for hauling precious cargo. It’s built like all high end camera packs out there with just a bit of design differences that fits my needs and comfort.

First: The two solidly built grab handles are wonderful and gives you a sense of security and girth. The side handle of this bag is in an 45ish degree angle that’s ergonomically true to handle. I didn’t think it would make much difference, but under heavy loads, I believe it relieves discomfort that a typical grab handle would be situated. The handles stand upright, but is pliable in situations where you need that extra clearance.

Second: The Gullwing design on this pack fits my needs perfectly. I can pack body on either side with whatever lens attached, limited to a 300 2.8, and pull a rig out without having to unzip a typical lid that may introduce gear waterfall*. I have a pro-body with long tele-zoom on one compartment with a couple of lenses and accessories…and the other compartment fitted with a pro-body with a short-zoom and another lens, speed lights, triggers and accessories. The most apparent convenience of this pack situated upright and I can unzip a side fully without the flap hitting the ground or be concerned about gear water falling. Opening 2 short gull-wing lids as opposed to the common lids out in the market threw me for a loop for a stint because, of the limited opening it would have if the pocketed lids were totally packed with junk…but that wasn’t the case. It opened freely and wide :)

Third: When traveling via airlines, busses etc, all the straps on the pack is stash-able and being able to do this, gives stowing the bags simpler without fret of snags or dangles. Transforming it into a cleaner looking bag is a definite plus on my wish list.

Fourth: It can house a laptop 15″ on the backside and an iPad on either one of the gull-wing zippered flap, pockets.

I stand about 5’6ish and this pack rests right above my hipline and sits into my back very comfortably. Jumping and running with this pack is pretty effortlessly just as long as you strap in the hip support belt nice and snug. Fully loaded with a tripod to the side is pretty hefty, but if your into heavy loads or need a full pack of gear and would like to access your rig quickly, (backpack style), then add this bag in your collection.

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