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The Canon 1DseXy is a beautiful beast ;)

I’ve been drooling over this bad boy since the day rumors of a speedy (focus, burst & buffer), full-frame in a 1D body came about. The day when I realized I better work real hard for this hefty body was when photographer and super craftsman Ron Paulk from Anacortes and also the same fella that sold me my first Think Tank gear amongst other awesome gear, showcased his at one of our meets! Thank you Ron for the teaser!

Check out Ron’s You Tube Channel here ;)

This body is a little taller, deeper and heavier than my previous 1d bodies, but feels much better in the hands. The material seems grippier and the slightly different shaping of the grip seems to help keep the body in your hands easier to hand hold. Aside from the newer tech incased in this sexy thing is the loads of customization and added buttons that helps with speedy changes…I just wished the quiet shutter function was as quiet as the 5dmkiii. In actuality, the 1dx quiet shutter function is louder than the 5dmkiii normal shutter function. I’ll need to wrap this body in a blanket to muffle the clapping of the shutter during ceremonies yeah ;)


Did I mention the speedy frame-rate this bugger has…like FAST!! Something about the sound is delicious and invigorating. YES, the servo as well is mighty speedy…I’ve shot my daughters basketball games with much higher keepers than before. From side to side, to and fro it locks on very well, but ultimately would love to shoot something with much more speed, (as in fast vehicles, birds in flight etc.), and see what I come up with ;)


The clarity of the 3.2 lcd screen is magnificent, just as the 5dmkiii. I notice the difference when I’m shooting video…I think I catch focus quicker because the detail is more pronounced than screens from older bodies…but that’s what’s expected with any newer models isn’t it ;)
_MG_6559 _MG_6558 _MG_6585 _MG_6582 _MG_6578-2

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The Canon 6D is a nifty little camera!


I enjoy my 6D so far! Not only that it’s files are similiar to my 5D MkIII files, in a smaller and much lighter body for a full-frame camera. It’s actually quite nice to handle something a little lighter when doing long gigs that produces great images…especially in locations where light is very limited. Being able to reach down to the bottom of the ‘ISO’ barrel and result in a memorable shot is refreshing. Also locking in focus in that same environment is equally refreshing.


I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and have been needing a second full-frame body. I was curious how the 6D was going to perform and tell you what…it’s been great so far. I do wish there was a WB button integrated with the far left button on the top of the body like Canon’s other semi-pro|pro bodies with the same layout…but keeping it at AWB for everything but my strobe work has been adequate.


In comparison with the 5D MkII, (which is about the same $$), I do favor the 6D by far and it’s pretty obvious…it’s got newer tech inside. Aside for the button layout that I’m used to, the guts is what makes this 6D favorable to the 5D MkII, in my opinion. You can make great photos with almost any camera, but newer tech makes it much easier to produce don’t you think? (Or why would companies want to be in the forefront of developing awesome goods ;)


What feature I really dig the most is it’s internal WiFi. Being able to tether your photos without any other piece of equipment is quite nice.


YES…most smart phones do have built in cameras. YES…the 6D is another piece of gear to lug around. I don’t mind it because, if there’s a specific look that I can only achieve with a DSLR|lens combo…I’m all for it. There’s times where I lug my camera with me anyways and having the 6D will allow me to share quicker. Adjust your settings (inside your camera…’picture styles’) for the look that you want to output, shoot your subject matter, fine tune the photo with an awesome photo app editor…then share. Easypeezy ;)


Professional or the average ‘Joe’, ¬†WiFi is a great way to transfer files to your editing device or just to simply view unto something with a larger screen for viewing via smartphone, tablet or laptop. (With that said…I believe the files that are transferred over are just Jpeg and not RAW files…but if you can get everything right in camera first, then all should be well right?!)

-simple thoughts from a simple consumer that digs tech.

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